Heart Bruised, Not Busted

Hello long-forgotten readers!

I hope that you are all well, and I must apologize for my extended absence once again.

Lots of things have been happening recently, work has been keeping me super busy, I’ve started exercising and making a conscious effort to be healthy, and I’ve been getting over a slight bruise of the heart.

These experiences are so few and far between for me since I tend to keep my feelings away from even the best of friends, so I tend to become even more reclusive whilst working on mending a bruised heart.

What’s done is done and certainly can’t be undone. So let’s move on to bigger and better things.

Have you ever had the feeling that things just really needed to change? You weren’t sure what, but there was definitely a feeling that something, somewhere, had gotten off track. I’m kind of going through that right now. I’ve been realizing that the person I always wanted to be isn’t necessarily the person I am set on becoming. The thing is, I’m not sure I dislike who I’ve become, it’s just not what I had planned.

Trying to figure out if I’m okay with this person is no easy task! Plans always change, hardly any plan survives the first battle, as they say. So maybe I should just take a chill pill and see where this road goes.

Oh well, enough of feelings.

Until next time!




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