A Little on Philosophy

Hello Dear Readers,

I hope that you are well.

I’ve been reading an essay on Postmodernism lately, and it’s really gotten me thinking. One of the essays that most people point to as being a a major work of postmodern thought is by a French Philosopher named Jean Baudrillard called “The Precession of Simulacra” in which he proceeds to argue that nothing “real” can exist as itself anymore. As soon as other people notice something, they project on whatever it is everything of their own existence, meaning that actual object loses whatever “real” things it had.  He goes on to use the example of the christian god – namely that because there exists a belief structure about this god, this god is essence doesn’t exist. His existence to his believers is that which they project onto him, and regardless of his true existence, nothing can change that.

The god-thing aside, this line of thinking had really got me to thinking. On the face of things, I tend to agree with Baudrillard that we all force things to be what we want them to be rather than what they actually are, and it would follow then that perhaps nothing is “authentic” after-all. We bring our own experiences to bear on anything we interact with and in doing so we change whatever that symbol/object/etc is to each of us.

Just some beginning-of-the-week musings.

until next time,


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