Constant communication? Constantly too much.

Dear Readers,

In our modern age of text-messaging, emails sent to our phones and smart phones that allow us all the convenience of a moderately well-equipped computer, it’s disconcerting to realize that sometimes being constantly in touch with everyone in the world is simply too much. Employers are expecting their salaried employees to be basically answer emails 24/7 365 days a year. I know many people who cannot go an hour without looking at their phones (myself included), and it seems that we have finally progressed too far and there’s no turning back.

This trend is even more troublesome, at least to me, when it comes to dating. It seems potential partners often start texting one another early in the morning and keep a constant stream going throughout the entire day. This can, I think, mean that when it comes time for an actual date or spending real time with each other, no one really knows how to act or what to say. When you’ve been in constant communication with each other all day, what more is there that you could possibly talk about? There should be some kind of etiquette involved, I think, something like no more than 4 texts a day for potential partners during the day. This would allow for a very short conversation during the day, enough to show that someone is interested, but would still allow for the possibility of actual communication later on.

Just some thoughts.

until next time,


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