Happiness with Self is Key

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I find it is necessary to step back and take stock of where I am in life and who I’ve become. There’s always been this certain image of myself that I wanted to be, and whenever I find myself in a rut, I find it’s helpful to take some time to reflect on where I am in relation to that ideal person. While it’s true that my ideal self has changed from time to time, the basic foundations, if you will, have remained the same.

The question then becomes, how far away from my ideal have gotten? And even further, is where I am now a better place than my ideal? What reasons do I have for being where I am now versus where I wanted to be in my ideal? Perhaps I took a wrong turn at a crucial juncture and I need to steer myself back on course. Or maybe I can decide that despite what I thought before, I’m headed mostly in the right direction still, so there isn’t many changes needed.

After all, isn’t happiness with self the key in our modern life these days? We strive for self-attainment above all other things, something that has rarely happened throughout human history; as our ancestors had to devote most of their time to simply surviving. Now that the fight to simply survive has mostly been won (though not throughout the entire world, unfortunately), the fight must then turn it’s direction inward and becomes the fight for self-happiness. A battle I’m not so sure is as easily won.

But enough of that crazy and disjointed post, eh?

Until next time,


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