Hello Dear Readers,

Recently I’ve been musing over the idea of change, both required and not-required that we go through in our various relationships (platonic and romantic).  It has me wondering, should we really expect other people to change in order to sustain any kind of relationship?

On one hand I’m of the opinion that no one should ever really have to change in order to sustain any kind of relationship. We are who we are and we shouldn’t have to alter that to make ourselves jive better with someone else.

On the other hand, of course, I’m of the opinion that all relationships must involve compromise from both parties and that compromise most generally will include some sort of change. It can be as simple as recognizing one’s pet peeves and trying one’s best not to cause those to flare up with the other person.

But then again, relationships are always voluntary, so if a relationship would cause someone to change the way that he or she is and they do not want to, maybe that should be the deciding factor? We all know that nothing in this world will ever last, certainly relationships of any kind are ridiculously fleeting in the grand scheme of things. Mayhap both people in any kind of relationship should realize when the relationship can no longer be sustained and should just move on.

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