Pride and other things

Hello Dearest Readers,

This weekend is the end of KC Pride Week. Very exciting, let me tell ya. I went out with my friend on Friday night to Power the night with Pride. While I know that I tend to go on a lot of dates, but the wonderful thing about Pride is that they are nearly all out and about just waiting to run into me again. Because it’s Pride and it’s a bunch of a gay people, it always surprises me that none of these run-ins ever turn crazy bitchy.

It did start me thinking that the whole dating thing would be a whole lot easier if there was some kind of End of Dating Questionnaire. Yknow? Kind of like those surveys that students take every year for their teachers. Then there would be affirmations (what did you like best about so-and-so) and also things to work on (what did you least like about so-and-so). Then we wouldn’t be left to wonder why nothing happened beyond a date or two.

Relationships are perhaps easier to come away with information about why it didn’t work since they usually last longer. Casual dates on the other hand seem to have so many more variables to them, there isn’t a deeper attraction, so any small mistake could turn the other person off enough that there wouldn’t be any more dates.

Perhaps after too many dates I’ve become a bit bitter and jaded by the prospect of dating. But honestly, why does it have to all be so gray and not clear-cut? I value order and structure in life and dating is chaotic and wrought with feelings.

Oh well, just some thoughts from the perpetually single.

until next time,


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