Sunday Thoughts

Hello Dear Readers,

Sorry for the slight length since my last post!

I’ve decided on a theme for the books I’ll be reading next and through the summer. I’m going to read novels that attempt to deal with attacks of Sept. 11, and seek to explore more the idea which I first posted here a few months ago.

So that’s something, dearest readers, for you to look forward to. There have been a number of novels seeking to deal with his issue, some by  very famous authors and some by some not-so-famous authors. It will be interesting to evaluate to see if the common ideas I mentioned in my first post hold true when the sample size is increased.

Among other things, I see that Sarah Palin’s next book will be filled with some of her favorite literature and poems! You’ve no idea how excited I am to see what literature her ghostwriter will be using and how comical it will doubtless be. I must confess the very notion that Palin actually reads novels caused me to pause and re-evaluate the way I currently view the world.

The very last shuttle flight into space has commenced and with it the certain end of an era. The shuttle is really the only space-vehicle I’ve ever consciously known, and it’s unsettling now for it to be over, much the same way that Pluto’s demotion from a planet is still unsettling.

Political turmoil still abounds and ravishes the country, to our detriment, I think. So many important issues that need to be dealt with and no one seems willingly to compromise, Democrats or Republicans. We are, dear readers, tired of the ineptitude of representatives we elect to be our voice, certain, I’m sure, that we would be able to do better if public office had been our calling.

Enjoy life until the next we speak, dear ones.

until next time,


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