On Capitalism

Dear Readers,

Lately, as I’m sure many of you have also been doing, I’ve been pondering the reality of this system of Capitalism that we have created. I’ve been thinking and wondering about the consequences of Capitalism, how it works in theory and how it works in reality as well

If we as students of such things can hold communism in disdain because it works perfectly in theory but not in practice, can we then hold capitalism in disdain for working too well in practice?

Capitalism at its core is Darwinism to the extreme. Whereas in evolution is it simply the survival of the fittest, in economics, capitalism seeks to utterly destroy all other competition. It’s not that capitalism is inherently bad, it just creates one single and all-important goal that must be reached at all cost. Money. When a system creates one goal for itself and then utilizes everything within its power to achieve it, it’s no wonder that capitalism has put us in the situation we find ourselves in.

It seems great for a while; (baby-boomer era) but then there comes a point when things start to fall apart (now). For more information on this topic, you should, dearest reader, research Ancient Rome.

I must tell you dearest readers, that I fully expect that at some point on my lifetime there will be at the very least a serious national discussion on Socialism and whether or not we should incorporate more and more of its principles into our way of life and do away with some of the principles of capitalism. Capitalism drives risk-taking and with risk-taking there are both the possibility of amazing success as well as the possibility of disastrous ruin. In an era of increased globalization, we cannot take the risk of such disastrous ruin which would (see what’s threatening to happen with Greece, the EU, and then probably the US) cause the major disruption of the entire world.

I look forward to the discussion and I dearly hope that we can work out a change to our ideas and way of thinking that will create sustainable benefits to everyone who lives here.

I know this has been a scattered and disorganized blog, but I just needed to get my thoughts down. More on this later, I’m sure.

until next time,


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