Some Thoughts on Sex

Dearest Readers,

Disclaimer: This is not an explicit post. It simply seeks to explore the relationship between love and sex and also seeks to explore other aspects of sex as they relate to our lives. If you are looking for the explicit kind of post, please leave.

I want to explore, as mentioned above, the special relationship that we tend to let sex have with the other areas of our lives.

It’s odd that an activity that we derive such pleasure and such good qualities from is delegated to a realm where most people will feel so uncomfortable at the very name of this blog that many will not even continue reading.

Why is then that sex has such a stigma attached to it? Since when did promiscuity become a thing that should be avoided at all costs? Why do religions fear sexually active people?

I’m unsure where the stigma really comes from, dearest readers, and I by no means advocate for promiscuity with random people. That would be dangerous on many levels.

But what would be wrong with promiscuous sex among people you know? Friends? The good consequences of such actions would certainly seem to outweigh the bad consequences. From sex, people get a heightened level of endorphins (they make you feel happy), people also tend to feel better about themselves even after the endorphins have worn off. Relationships (friendships) would grow deeper and develop in whole new levels when sex is introduced.

Sex with feelings akin to love is certainly better and preferable to sex with feelings of friendship, but I think that sex with friendship is preferable to no sex at all. What are the bad consequences of safe promiscuity? I think, courageous readers, that you would be hard-pressed to really come up with any such argument that could stand a debate. So then if safe promiscuity with friends doesn’t have any negative consequences, what should stop it?

It seems to me that all things considered, happy people are generally preferable to unhappy people, and people with good self-confidence are preferable to people with low self-confidence. Deeper relationships are almost always preferable to shallow ones.

Just some thoughts! More to follow, I’m sure.

until next time,


  1. #1 by Matt on April 28, 2010 - 9:18 pm

    Nice… lol the sex educator in my must point out the use of the word “safe” is misleading as “safe” sex does not exist.. “safer” is a better choice

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