Waiting for the bread to rise is crucial

Happy Day, Dearest readers!

I’ve learned that when you’re making bread it is very important to let your bread rise the required number of times (usually two, but sometimes to get more flavor you want to let it rise a time or two more, or if you forget about it and it over-proofs, you need to re-do it, etc. etc). It’s a hard thing to do, friends, waiting for your bread to rise when all you want to do is bake it.

It seems also that the same kind of patience is needed for nearly every aspect of our lives, yknow? I just wish that the patience I’m starting to develop for bread-making would translate over to others parts of my life. It feels like I’ve nearly always been concerned with what I was working towards, very rarely enjoying or even being content with the now.

High school was spent waiting for college, college was spent waiting to graduate, post-graduation has been spent waiting on paying off loans and then moving on to get my MFA which I’m sure will be spent waiting to graduate and move on to an MA and/or Doctorate. It seems like there is always something to wait for.

At the same time, though, without things to look forward to, life would be stagnant and it’s doubtful we’d ever really move forward with things, agreed? So how do we balance enjoying the now while still working towards the future? It seems like a tightrope act. But maybe it’s more like a pendulum? Sometimes the pendulum swings more to the now, other times it swings more the future? And because it balances out in the end, it makes everything do-able? Hmm.

until next time,


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