Sometimes the cookie just has to crumble

Dearest Readers,

Have you ever come to a point where you decided that there were simply too many things that had happened that you regretted? I’ve always been a person who tried my best to live with no regrets, but I’ve noticed lately that all those little slip-ups I told myself were small and didn’t really mean anything have been piling up to a mountain of regret.

I’m not exactly sure what’s brought this on, but it’s still happening. Living with no regrets is mostly easy, but then there are those times where we *knew* that we needed to do one thing but simply couldn’t bring ourselves to, and in the end we were proven correct in the logical assumption.

What can we do then, but simply accept that while ideally we would never have regrets, regrets are a part of life. The key difference, must then, I believe, come in choosing to accept and embrace the regrets or just ignoring them. If we accept and embrace regrets as just part of this whole ludicrous show, then I think that will allow us to learn from them, and if we learn from our regrets we can hardly hold ourselves accountable. Everyone falls down sometimes, so learning to see where we tripped is the only way to help make sure we don’t trip in the same places next time… agreed?

Regrets are regrettable, that’s simply their job, but once they’ve been regrettable for a while we’ll just turn them into lessons and move on. The whole life handing you lemons or whatever 😉

Wishing you a delicious week.

until next time,


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