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Hey there readers!

First of all, I’d like to say that as always, I hope this post finds you doing as awesomely as possible.

That being said, onward fearless readers!

Friends, I love politics, I love reading about politics, I love talking about politics, etc. Sadly, however, I’m starting to get worn down by the extreme partisanship that has taken hold. I’m disturbed by all of the distrust of politicians, but sadly I can’t accuse the distrust of being misplaced. It seems that our democracy is having a crisis, the people no longer believe that politicians are really listening to them, with one party repeatedly blocking any attempt for the Congress to help people who are in dire need of it. Unemployment is so high, people have no jobs and even worse no hope of a job anytime soon.

Healthcare was a mess, we barely made it out with anything, much less the expansive reform that we really needed. Financial reform is needed but again there is too much fighting and partisanship in Washington for anything to happen. Homosexuals continue to be discriminated against as our President occasionally reminds us that he wants this changed. Social security is surely doomed, yet everyone seems to have forgotten it.

State legislatures seem to have lost it, too. Most egregiously, perhaps, with Arizona recently passing a resolution aimed at scandalizing President Obama.  And again with an immigration bill that allows Arizonan police to arrest anyone who cannot prove that they are in America legally. This kind of measure reminds me of certain fascist regimes during World War II.

It’s no wonder then that Americans seem to have soured on our Democracy, something tragic and dangerous, and I wonder if our kind of democracy will really prove to be long-lasting.

until next time,


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