Sometimes you know you shouldn’t but…

Hello Dearest Reader(s),

Have you ever had a situation arise where there was one option you really, really wanted to pick, but another option was clearly the one you should take? It’s as if no matter how much the logical part of our brain yells and screams to pick option two, the other (more freer, perhaps) part of our brain comes up with argument after argument that it hurls at the logical part as to why option number one is clearly the better choice.

Logic may argue that option number one will create chaos, yet the freer part seems to say that everything has already devolved into chaos.

The freer part will then argue that logic shouldn’t get to have any say in matters of emotion, to which logic would promptly reply that logic doesn’t forget things nearly as quickly as the freer part is apt to, and therefore logic should have even more say on emotions.

It goes on and on like this, dear friend(s), and its such a drain! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just make up our mind and be done with things? I mean, seriously.

Just some frustrations to ponder.

until next time,


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