Well, well well.

Hello Long-Forgotten Readers!

I hope that this post, as always, finds you doing delightfully well. Spring is here, readers! Health Care Reform is here! So many things have happened since last we’ve conversed!

I feel that I must apologize, dearest readers, for my long and unintended absence from the world of blogging. I assure you that it was not intended that way. Things happen, dear readers, and we perhaps sometimes fall for those we shouldn’t fall for. The reach of the aforementioned mistaken cannot be foreseen, and as such invariably contributed to the lack of posts! But, dear friends, rest assured! We are on our way to happy blogging again!

I’ve done a lot of reading, and for sure I want to add a lot to the Book Reviews section of the blog, as well as some stuff with philosophy. Specifically blogs dealing with love and relationships. I have, I think, new experiences that have helped to shape the way I view both. There are also some movies that I’d like to discuss, and from there probably pull both the recent novels and movies I’ve seen together to look at a cross-section of something that I can see/feel happening. Hopefully in exploring that, we will be able to pull it more into focus.

That’s a pretty good snapshot of things to come, so I know you’ll all be checking your RSS feeds for my updates, won’t you?

until next time,


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