So sorry, dear ones!

Dearest Readers,

I’m so sorry I’ve left you all in an internet void for so long! I’ve once again embarked on the journey to write a novel in a month! That, as you can imagine, as been taking up quite a bit of my time!  I’m currently on track to finish by the end of the month, though, so that’s pretty awesome.

A lot of stuff has going going on since we last conversed, dear readers.  For example, gay people have again been stomped on by ignorant idiots who have no moral fiber but stand on their pulpits every Sunday feeling superior. (Sorry for the soapbox.)

Also, our dear friend Sarah Palin announced recently that her book tour will only take her to major “red” cities.  This is, I’m certain, to cut down on the mass protests of angry gay people everywhere. Her publicists or spokesperson (I can’t remember what the title was) says that Palin wanted to be different. Really? Is only going to cities where the majority of people are hateful ignorant idiots that would gladly turn over the country to someone like her that different? I think not, dear friends.  The truly different thing would be for her to ONLY got to BLUE cities, but then again, we all know better than to buy hatred, don’t we?

Also, since we last spoke, October has come and gone! Wow! That month simply flew by! Lots of changes and suchlike, and the Christian holiday of Christmas is just around the corner.  Delightful, eh?

November of course means that most of us will be re-enrolling in our health insurance for the upcoming year, and I’m certain we will all be absolutely horrified by how much more we’re supposed to pay next year for less healthcare coverage, should be simply exquisite!

until next time,


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