Celebrating Three Years

Hello readers,

This October marks the third year since I officially moved out of my parents house! Kudos to me!  I’d like to take some time and run through some of th events of the past year, perhaps going over how far I’ve come will remind me of my direction.

So, this time last year, I was living in Topeka, working full time and going to school full time… I got up at five every morning, went into work for a few hours, then left for classes, raced back to work, to get all of my hours in before the building closed at 630.  I’d just found this awesome apartment that I was really excited to move to, it would’ve cost less and seemed a lot more like what I really wanted.

Then, almost a year ago this week, we got the news that the Topeka office was closing.  We were then offered positions in KC.  At first, I was pretty upset; I had a semester left at school, so there really wouldn’t be any way for me to commute to KC every day and then try and work classes in as well. I went in to talk with my advisor, and soon developed the plan of taking all of my last classes on online and independent study, which would allow me to keep my job and graduate on time as well.

So that just left the decision of whether or not I wanted to commute everyday. The lease I had was up in October, my job wasn’t set to transfer until Jan. Sooo… I decided to move back in with my parents for the rest of the semester, and I ended up moving to KC in December.

When I moved here in December, I transferred into a whole new office filled with people I didn’t know, lived in a city I’d never really spent much time in, and basically didn’t know anyone. Fun times, let me tell ya!

Since then, I’ve sorta learned my way around the metro area (but still keep googlemaps on my phone close!)  I’ve become even better at what I do at work, I graduated from college, and I’ve made friends. 🙂 Congrats, Jim!

Looking forward, I have a long way to go to achieve the goals I have planned out for myself, but I guess the important thing is to just take things one step at a time.

until next time,


  1. #1 by pfenuelsaunders on October 23, 2009 - 2:13 pm

    YAY FOR GOALS AND AMBITION! This is why I think we’d be friends. I’m always shocked and amazed by how many people have neither.


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