Blood Donations

Hello, hello dear readers!

I was asked today if I would be willing to give blood, apparently there is a shortage of blood, and since I am have type o-neg, the blood banks are nearly drooling for mine. It is a travesty, dearest readers, that I had to inform the blood bank that I would be all too willing to donate my blood in the hopes that it might save a life, except for the fact that I was homosexual and therefore could not honestly answer “no” to the question of whether or not I had had sex with another male.

Now, dearest readers, I understand the statistics involved in such a descision from the FDA that gay men cannot give blood, but I must confess, it seems ludicrous.  Not all gay men are barebacking whores, and it’s unfair to assume that if gay men are allowed to donate blood that suddenly everyone will have to worry about getting aids even more than they do now.

But for now, dearest readers, I will be damned if I will donate my blood to a country who doesn’t want it.  Perhaps the families that lose loved ones for lack of a blood transfusion will find solace in the fact that at least their dead relative didn’t have to wonder if he or she would contract aids simply because me and fellow homosexuals did not donate blood.

If that fact does indeed give them solace, then let’s continue this outdated, prejudicial, and silly practice.  I, however, am in favor of stopping all forms of discrimination, and this practice would certainly fall under that umbrella.

The FDA claims that homosexuals are at an increased risk of contracting the HIV virus, and so they have logically concluded that homosexuals should be banned for life from giving blood.  The Red Cross and other blood centers have argued that HIV testing has vastly improved and since all blood is tested before it enters the “blood supply,” if you will, then homosexual blood is no more risky then heterosexual blood.

One last comment before I end…  Any guesses on who was President when the FDA made the aforementioned decision? That would be Ronald Regan. Interesting, eh?

until next time,


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