On Marriage

Hello avid readers!

I would like today to call into question the wide-held belief that certain followers of one Jesus Christ would have us all believe is the “sacred” “tradition” of marriage as “one man and one woman.”  Listening to them, you might walk away with the impression that marriage has always been between one man and one woman, and that at some point, the Christian god told everyone it was the way things were.  They’ll spout of from a book of the Christian Bible, Genesis, readily enough, but they’ll also be likely to tell you that Genesis should be taken symbolically and not literally. (Part of trying to reconcile Genesis with evolutionary theory).

Dear friends, marriage has not always been between one man and one woman, and it certainly has not always involved love.  Marriage is a social construct that has a purely secular purpose.  This purpose ranges from attaining wealth, increasing social ties, procreation, etc.  I think it could safely and correctly be argued that marriage has never involved love until only recently in human history and certainly not in the time when Genesis was taking place (or being written)… not even in the time of the aforementioned Jesus, whose followers have so avidly and courageously picked up the gauntlet that he apparently threw down without telling anyone.

If we accept the fact that marriage itself has evolved from things, and we accept now that marriage is seen (at least in Western culture) as being based on love, then I think we can hardly define marriage as the love between a man and a woman.  The same love is entirely possible between two men and also between two women.  I would liken this the times when interracial marriages were made illegal and when marriages between people of different religions was illegal.

I acknowledge freely that the tide seems to be slowly, ever so slowly, turning in favor of homosexual marriages, but the fact that I live in a country that so readily votes for an act like DOMA makes me sick.  Have we not progressed far enough as a culture to look and understand when something is flat out wrong and oppressive?  We hold righteous enough indignation when we condemn other cultures for what we view is oppressive, yet we cannot seem the same things in different areas in our own.

Dearest readers, I encourage you to write to your senator, representative, even the President himself! Tell them that it’s time everyone is allowed to marry, religion be damned!  Our country was founded with the separation of church and state, and we’ve allowed Christians to legislate their religion for too long!

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